Just Add Sauce – Quick Dinner

It is easier to grab a product to simplify “What’s for dinner?,” instead cooking from scratch. Easier still is blogging about a quick product than writing or editing a recipe to post. Today I took the easy road to present you with my latest Thursday night quick dinner.

I love a meal that takes less than 20 minutes, start to finish. My favorite starts with a bottle of sauce. This week I used Cilantro and Coconut Cooking Sauce from Stonehouse 27. I look for sauce without gluten, dairy or soy and find I am left wanting. There aren’t many. Did I mention I also prefer no HFCS. Then again, if they use HFCS, they manufacture with the cheapest ingredients and almost always use vegetable oil (includes soybean oil). This product uses Canola Oil and Agave Nectar. Sweet! I will often try a jar of sauce that meets my ingredient standards, even if I cannot imagine how it will taste.

That said, Cilantro & Coconut sauce is yummy! Though I have never heard of British Indian Cuisine specifically, I can say I felt I was eating a mild dish that might be Indian, but the not quite like what I have had before.  Earthy, warming, with the hint of lemon and ginger. Although I didn’t detect the green chili or the turmeric, I suspect this provides a little zing to avoid boring the taste buds. I liked the Jasmine rice with this dish, because the sauce is mild. BTW: I purchased my jar at Sunflower Market, but I am sure many places carry it. I like slow cooked rice with canola oil and a little salt, it just tastes better than quick white rice. I think it has a lower glycemic index too. You can check it out at http://www.glycemicindex.com/

Cilantro & Coconut Cooking Sauce (by Stonehouse 27)
Oil, (EVOO, canola or your preference)
Chopped veggies (purchased chopped, or chop your own)
Frozen uncooked shrimp (thawed in microwave)
Jasmine Rice (or Basmati)


  • First, start cooking the rice, per directions. I prefer my rice cooker.
  • Heat oil on medium-high.
  • Add chopped veggies, giving them a head start over the shrimp. There are some nuances about adding hard veggies first so they cook a little longer, but this is a quick meal. Add leafy green veggies last (chard, spinach, etc.)
  • Cook veggies for a couple of minutes.
  • Add shrimp and guide it to the bottom of the pan. Cook until shrimp looks almost cooked. Shrimp over cooks easily and will finish with sauce in the pan.
  • Add sauce, stir. Cook until the sauce starts to bubble. Then cook a little more.

Takes about 10 – 15 minutes. Hopefully the rice is done before the sauce.

Tips: keep an eye on the vegges so they don’t loose their crunch. If the veggies sweat out a lot of liquid, use tongs with a paper towel to soak it up and throw it out. This is stir-fry not steaming or boiling. If the shrimp gets chewy, it is overcooked. I have made countless bottle, meat, veggie, rice dinners. It takes a few tries to get the timing down and to know how cooked you like your veggies.

Time to walk the dog. Happy eating!


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