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Suki Thai Noodle House

After learning that Suki Thai in Boulder is now a gluten-free restaurant, I had to try it. I opted not to take the hubby until I had a chance to ask all my questions and take my time.

I will start by saying I love Pad Thai. I haven’t had commercial Pad Thai since I got sick after eating it at a restaurant a couple of years ago. (They didn’t realize GF also meant they had to leave off the tiny fried onions that blended visually in with the peanuts, until I looked very closely.) Needless to say, I eat out less than once/month now. I used to eat out about 2x/week before my diagnosis. I am starting to eat out again armed with a lot of questions.

In fact, I usually stop into a prospective restaurant when they aren’t busy and I am not hungry. I am able to ask a lot of questions without worrying about what I am going to eat. I can leave knowing what to look for on the menu when I come back. If I go back. There have been several places who can only say YES we do gluten-free. But they cannot give me more details other than tell your wait-person.

Back to Suki Thai Noodles. All gluten-free means I didn’t have to worry they would boil GF noodles in the same water/pan as the regular noodles. Yeah! I ordered Pad Thai. I asked them to be sure they didn’t use the same utensils for another order with tofu in it. They offer a lot of tofu options.

Other questions:
Are there any soy ingredients in the Pad Thai sauce? It wasn’t busy and the young man at the counter went and checked. He even let me read a container of one of the ingredients.
While eating my meal I came across a soft cubed item in my food, soaked through with sauce. I took it up in a napkin to inquire about what it was. Is this tofu? No, it’s egg.

This is bold for me, let me point this out. I am getting bold in an effort to make sure I don’t continue to damage my digestive system.

So, you read all this to get a review of the place? I will definitely go back and try many kinds of noodle bowls. I will order the Pad Thai again also. Not because it is the best Pad Thai I have ever had, but it fit the bill for a quick easy meal while running errands in town. In the same shopping center as Sprouts, I can get some groceries in the same stop.

Learning to ask questions is one of the most difficult things I face with my food limitations. I have learned the hard and painful way, that I need to ask all the right questions. Because the question I forget to ask could be the one that makes me sick.