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Seriously Yummy Tart

Let me introduce myself, Charee here. Like so many other people out there who have a radical diet change due to food allergies, I decided to share what I have learned. There are so many great gluten-free blogs out there, so I don’t see my posts as earth shattering news. Starting from fresh fruits and veggies is the easiest way be gluten, dairy and soy free.

I go though phases of trying new prepared products. Well, new to me. I search the grocery shelves, read labels multiple times and get my hopes up that THIS product will be as good as it’ s non-allergen friendly cousin.

This time the product was better! This tart was BETTER THAN most prepared tarts out there. I love love that it did not contain sugar and that it uses coconut butter and oil. Did I type love twice.

My new tart: Hail Merry’s Meyer Lemon Miracle Tart. The taste was a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Texture of filling and crust left nothing to be desired. Let the taste buds sing. Ok, over the top? Well, you get the idea.

I am in the habit of taking food with me to dinner parties, because the nuances of gluten, soy and dairy free take a lot of patience and time to learn. This little tart will be joining me for dessert.

I might even pick up a little tart just because it’s Tuesday.
I might even remember to take a picture before I devour my next tart.